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Italy is a very rich nation that matches the tastes of any tourist. Here you can choose between camping villages by the sea, in the mountains, on lakes, in the hills... In short, anyone can find what best suits their needs and preferences.

In addition to the wonders offered by nature, Italy gives tourists the opportunity to immerse themselves in history and culture, of which the most evident traces are within the numerous cities of art present throughout the territory.

Rome, the capital, is truly a special and unmissable city. Defined as ""Caput Mundi"" it really has all the credentials to be one of the richest cities in history, culture and art of Europe. Florence is another historic Italian city loved by tourists at any time of the year, as well as Venice, a unique city of its kind, or Naples, with its traditions and its colourful atmosphere perceptible in every corner of the city.

Lakes are also very popular places for tourists from all over Europe, first of all Lake Garda, but also others such as Lake Como, Lake Trasimeno or the Lake Iseo worth a visit.

Surely, the undisputed destination of camping village lovers is the sea, which surrounds the whole peninsula, offering many opportunities in all regions: the sea of ​​Sardinia, of Puglia, the Tuscany's islands, Sicily and the Adriatic coast are just some of the most popular destinations.

Both in summer and in winter, the campsites and villages in mountain will conquer and amaze with their glamping accommodations with a unique charm.

The climate is mild all year round, and the food and wine is part of the priceless heritage of the whole nation. From north to south you can taste excellences of the millenary Italian culinary tradition. A holiday in camping village in Italy will remain in your heart for your entire life!


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