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Camping Lazio

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Camping Lazio

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To experience the legendary central region of Italy, the very source of entire occidental civilization and the cradle of the ancient Roman Empire, tour the enchanting region of Lazio. Its provinces of Frosinone, Latina, Rieti, Viterbo and the most populous Rome each provide a specific scenery, atmosphere, things to do and unique local gastronomic masterpieces. From iconic ancient Roman thermal baths to seaside beaches and ski resorts, Lazio offers all kinds of sports and leisure activities for all generations and lifestyles.

All Roads Lead to...

The optimal general introduction to Lazio are the archaeological sights of Minturno Castrum, Fregellanum, the Appian Way to Greece, the oldest firehouse Dell'Excubitorium, the hot and cold-water Baths of Caracalla, the first Roman settlement on Pallatine hill and the famous hippodrome Circus Maximus. Merely wandering around these ruins instantly transports the visitor through millennia straight to the region's epic golden times. Obviously, Rome on its own can fill in days of exploration with a multiplicity of things to see. The list of must-see locations is extensive, but amongst them are: the Augustus era marble altar Ara Pacis, Nero era villa Domus Aurea, the fascinating Vatican Necropolis, the Mausoleum of Hadrian, the Forum Boarium temples, Trajan’s market, the massive Column of Trajan, the beautifully preserved Pantheon, the iconic Colosseum and the all-important Roman Forum.

An Active Break

Thermal baths in Rieti and Frosinone make a well-deserved wellness break from active exploration of Lazio. Nature provides a more sporty kind of tourism, with trekking, hiking and cycling options amid the Appenines in the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park. Mount Scalambra is popular with paragliding enthusiasts, while the Liri Valley abounds with horseback riding and sports fishing opportunities. Mountain trekkers love climbing up Mount Pizzuto for the stunning panoramic view of the entire region including four mountain ranges and the Tiber Valley. The Appenine slopes make a great choice for cross-country skiing during winter holidays.

True Spirit of Lazio

Regardless of where you’re staying, it’s easy to plan a number of exciting day trips in and around the Lazio area. Cycling along the Rieti district lakes or along the shores of lake Vico can be both an active and a relaxing way to arrive to a picnic destination of choice. The scenic Monte Gelato is a great weekend escape area, so close to the bustling urban life of Rome. Back to the cities, it's vital to visit some of the local open-air markets to mix with the locals and sample delicacies and wines made in Lazio. Some of the home-made cookies can even endure international travel and reach the far-away destination with no crumbles.


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