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Lazio (RM)

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Lazio (RM)

Internazionale Lido dei Pini

Lazio (RM)

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Roma is the capital city of Italy and is one of the most visited cities in the whole world. It has an amazing array of cultural and historical attractions and is formally classified as a Global City.

Roma’s Culture and Natural Attractions

Roma is packed full of some of the world’s most spectacular religious sites. The St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City and the Colosseum are just two of the many places that are quite simply unmissable. Not far from Roma sits the Apennine Mountains which showcase the very best of the Italian countryside. The Apennine Mountains and the surrounding area provide many options for anyone looking to enjoy the area on foot or by pedal. Both hiking and cycling routes are plentiful and provide the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors just outside Roma.


One of the main draws of Roma that plays a huge role in drawing so many tourists in is its incredible cuisine. A speciality enjoyed by many is Roma’s famous Pizza Bianca which is a sort of focaccia and white pizza bread hybrid that is absolutely delicious. The carbonara found in Roma is also widely regarded as some of the best anywhere in Italy.

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