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Bordering the Tyrrhenian and Ligurian Seas, Maremma is a stunning region that highlights the best of southwestern Tuscany. Featuring impressive cultural and culinary attractions, as well as some of the most beautiful scenery in the area, Maremma is sure to please anyone looking to enjoy a relaxing yet fun-filled holiday.


The Maremma region is home to some amazing beaches that impress the many visitors that flock to the area each summer to escape the heat and relax. The coastline alternates between the sandy beach areas and the rocky shore areas, making for some fairly spectacular photos. One particularly beautiful area along the coastline is Diaccia Botrona, which features stunning scenery and a relaxing atmosphere.


Upper Maremma’s hills are simply inspiring, and represent a great place for those looking to enjoy the outdoors whilst at the same time taking in the scenery that is sure to impress anyone who sees it. The contrast between the rock formations and the rolling green plains is a real attraction, and will have you grabbing for your camera as soon as you arrive. A number of quaint hilltop villages exist throughout the area, and are great places to stop and enjoy some local cuisine and meet the friendly locals.


With ancient roots dating back to the time of the Romans and Etruscans, Maremma has long been a popular destination for history buffs and those simply interested to discover the wonders of the regions past. Of particular historical interest is the Medici Wall, which is a popular tourist attraction in Maremma’s main city of Grosseto.


Like any other part of Tuscany, Maremma is a region rich in culinary delights, and visitors should take the time to enjoy the local specialties. The wine of Maremma is particularly sort after, as is the local favourite, acquacotta.


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