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The impressive capital of the Latina region of Italy, Latina is a historical city that has an eclectic mix of culture, cuisine and architecture, as well as some impressive natural places around the main city thrown in for good measure.


With its fascinating history dating back to World War Two, Latina boasts some exceptional historical sites that are sure to intrigue and impress anyone interested in the local history. One of the most popular historical attractions is the impressive “M" Building, which stands as a reminder of Mussolini’s fascist regime that once controlled the city.


There are some beautiful buildings throughout the city of Latina that can be enjoyed at a leisurely pace. Taking a stroll around the central area of the city is itself an enjoyable experience, providing visitors with the chance to enjoy the traditional architecture of the region. One place of architectural significance is the Cathedral of San Marco, a beautiful cathedral that attracts many visitors each year.


The main beach of Latina is long and stretches far down the Circeo Promontory. The beach itself is a short drive from the central city area, but with such lovely sand dunes and spectacular views, it is without a doubt a great day trip to make in the warmer months. For more active travellers, the main beach area is a great place for a relaxing walk along the coastline, as well as an excellent place to go for a bike ride.


Some of the best cultural attractions can actually be found just outside the city centre, and are certainly worth the drive. The Piana delle Orme Museum is one of the best museums in the local area, and with a large collection on display, you can certainly spend a good couple of hours immersing yourself in the local history and culture on display.


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