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Lakes of Trentino

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Lakes of Trentino

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Camping Mario Village

Trentino-Alto Adige (TN)

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Lakes of Trentino

Trentino is famous for the majesty of its mountains and in particular the Dolomites, but the magnificence of its many natural and uniquely colourful lakes inspires just as many sharp intakes of breath among visitors.

The spectacular lakes framed by the mountains and lush vegetation ensure an incredible romantic setting in the area. Not far from the city of Trento, Lakes of Levico and Caldonazzo are the perfect place where to find camping in nature.

Lake Garda (between Trentino, Lombardy and Veneto) is probably the most popular among sailing and windsurfing enthusiasts because of the Ora del Garda winds that can be relied on to fuel the sails every day.

Originating from a moranial dike, Lake Ledro enchants with its blue and green waters and whispers of its history with the nearby remains of a bronze-age village.

For romantic walks or bicycle rides, it is difficult to beat the breathtaking beauty of Lake Toblino with its castle and botanical landscape. The region’s mild climate combined with protection from the hills creates the perfect conditions for olive trees, profuse vegetation and a large variety of migratory birds.

Lakes of Trentino

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