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pet friendly

Camping Arizona

Via Tabiano 42/a, Km 2 Verso Tabiano Bagni (PR)

Flamingo Residence Hotel

Viale A.Manzoni 6 - Lido degli Estensi (FE)

Holiday Village Florenz

Viale Alpi Centrali,199 - Lido degli Scacchi (FE)
pet friendly

Camping Village Ramazzotti

Via Paolo e Francesca - Località Lido di Dante (RA)
pet friendly

Camping Ancora

Via Repubbliche Marinare, 14 - Lido degli Scacchi (FE)

Camping Village Spiaggia e Mare

Via dei Mille,62 - Porto Garibaldi (FE)
pet friendly

Airone Bianco Residence Village

Via Generale Dalla Chiesa, 1 - Lido delle Nazioni (FE)

Playa Dorada Residence

Viale Mare Adriatico 91, Lido di Pomposa (FE)
pet friendly

Pomposa Residence

Via Monte San Michele, 7 - Lido di Pomposa (FE)
pet friendly

Vigna sul Mar Camping Village

Via Capanno Garibaldi 20 - Lido di Pomposa (FE)
pet friendly

Piomboni Camping Village

Viale della Pace, 421 - Marina di Ravenna (RA)

Rivaverde Family Camping Village

Viale delle Nazioni 301 - Marina di Ravenna (RA)

Pini Family Camping Village

Via della Fontana 58 - Punta Marina Terme (RA)

Pineta Family Camping Village

Viale Matteotti, 186 - Milano Marittima (RA)

Camping Classe

Via Catone - Lido di Dante (RA)

Residence Mare Pineta

Via Giovanni Spallazzi 50 - Casal Borsetti (RA)

Camping Green

Via Amerigo Vespucci 6 - San Mauro Mare (FC)

Happy Camping Village

Viale Panzini, 228, Fraz. Bellaria (RN)

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Emilia-Romagna is the region of Italy which stretches across the country in the north, from near the French border to the eastern coast. It is one of the wealthiest areas of Europe, and has Bologna for the regional capital. Other cities include Parma, Ferrara and Modena and the Adriatic coastal resort of Rimini.

Famous Products

Emilia-Romagna s home to the iconic Italian makes of cars, with Ferrari and Lamborghini even having their museums here, which are well worth a visit. Many of these manufacturers also offer unmissable factory tours.
This region is not only famous for its car production; food aficionados look to Emilia-Romagna as the source of Parmesan cheese and ham from Parma, Balsamic vinegar from Modena and Reggio Emilia. Other meat derivatives from Emilia-Romagna include prosciutto, culatello, pancetta, salami and mortadella, as well as a famously made pasta with egg and soft wheat flour.


Emilia-Romagna is set against the backdrop of plains, hills and mountains. The whole area has pockets of thermal springs, whereas the northern parts have saline lagoons. Parts of the Apennine Mountains run through the region, which is where all the rivers bar the Po have their sources. The Po begins its flow in the Italian Alps, and it is the major river for the region.
All of these features make for excellent exploration opportunities, and of course, where there are hot springs, there will be spa resorts. And there are; 26 in all, surrounded by gorgeous parkland or with dramatic coastal views over the Adriatic.
The landscape also offers itself to hikers and cyclists and with a range of topography; the scenery will never be dull.


The Emilia-Romagna region is an enthusiastic grower of grapes for conversion into wine. They are distinctive and very different from those produced in other parts of Italy, and they have even been described as eccentric. Lambrusco is probably the best known; however, the wines made from the sangiovese grape are well respected, producing a fruity and full bodied red wine. White wines tend to be refreshing and light. For a closer inspection, many of the wineries will offer tours of the estates and production plants and give visitors a sampling opportunity.

Emilia-Romagna is one of the premiere regions of Italy, a fascinating place to visit with so much to do and experience.

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