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Located along the stunning coastline of the Adriatic Sea, Gargano has long been popular with tourists visiting the picturesque ‘boot’ of Italy. A plethora of natural and cultural attractions await visitors to the area, with something to interest everyone.


Mont Calvo is the highest peak in the area, and is considered a great place to do a bit of hiking for any nature traveller out there. The mountain is one of the major attractions in the Gargano National Park, which is a beautiful area to explore on a sunny day. A little further out from Gargano is the stunning Foresta Umbra, located along the Gargano Peninsula.


Gargano’s beaches are also impressive, and they provide a relaxing option for those travelling to the region in the hotter summer months. Vieste and Peschici are two particularly enjoyable beaches, with many flocking here to enjoy the cooling blue waters throughout the summer holiday season.

Surrounding Region

For those looking to enjoy a more adventurous daytrip, heading to the northern end of the peninsula will afford you the chance to take in the inspiring salt lakes of Lesina and Varano. Boasting some lovely scenery, these salt lakes are a great way to enjoy nature at its best, whilst at the same time getting some excellent photo opportunities to remember you trip by.


Gargano is a real historical and cultural treasure, and tourists to this fascinating town will love wandering around the old streets to take in all of the sights on offer. A number of historical churches and cathedrals are particularly noteworthy. Most visitors who want to stick to the town’s central area head straight to the Abbey of Santa Maria of Ripalta, whilst those looking to head out of the town area will love Monte S. Angelo, which is the oldest shrine in Western Europe.


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