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Camping Lido Verbano

Castelletto sopra Ticino (NO)

Camping Quercia

Castelletto sopra Ticino (NO)

Camping 2000

Castelletto sopra Ticino (NO)

Camping Lago Azzurro

Dormelletto (NO)

Camping Lido Holiday Inn

Dormelletto (NO)

Camping Playa di Valverde

Galliate (NO)

Camping Cusio Lyons Edda

Orta San Giulio (NO)

Camping Miami

Orta San Giulio (NO)

Castellania Lago d'Orta

Pella (NO)

Camping Verde Lago

Pettenasco (NO)

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Novara lies in Italy's northwest Piedmont region. Enclosed by rivers, it consists mostly of flatland, and also has mountainous areas and lakes, such as Lago Maggiore and Lake Orta. It contains a vast number of small villages, each uniquely interesting and worthy of exploration, though it is the old town of Novara itself that is most impressive, with its historic sights, religious monuments and fortresses.

Cycling is incredibly popular in Novara, and avid cyclists will fall in love with the cycling trails in the city and the opportunities to experience the rice paddies, hills, woods and scenery in the surrounding villages by bike. When it comes to food, rice is the primary ingredient in Novara due to the aforementioned rice paddies, and frogs are also popular, making for some truly unique dining experiences.


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