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Campeggio il Drago

Umbria (PG)

Campeggio Valsorda

Umbria (PG)

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With its stunning hilltop setting and beautiful surrounding countryside, Perugia is a place worth visiting for the scenery alone. Lying on the River Tiber, the capital city of Umbria is home to numerous important museums and historic buildings. The National Gallery of Umbria is typical of this in that its medieval building houses one of the richest collections of artworks in the whole of Italy. Elsewhere, you can visit the Fontana Maggiore, a medieval fountain built in 1278, just one of many memorable monuments to see.

Great Cuisine and Great Music

The landlocked region of Umbria has a distinct cultural identity to its coastal neighbours which is reflected in its cuisine. The region is renowned for its cheeses and local cured meats whilst Perugia is particularly known for torta al testo, a bread similar to foccacia. The city is also home to the celebrated Umbria Jazz Festival.

Outdoor Pursuits

Perugia is a great base for exploring the Tiber Valley. Whether you’re hiking or on a bike, you can follow a route from the outskirts of the town which takes you right through this beautiful valley region following the path of the Tiber River.


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