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Queen of the Adriatic

Widely considered as one of the world's most romantic cities, Venezia (Venice) straddles more than a hundred islands in its lagoon setting and is a destination no traveller can ignore. From the Grand Canal to the Bridge of Sighs, the Campanile to the glassworks of Murano, the city is crammed with famous landmarks. Its long history of maritime and mercantile success brought in riches from around the world, allowing its Doges and citizens to create some exquisite architecture.

City of Bridges

With its lack of motorised road transport, Venice is ideally suited for walking, and the islands are connected by over four hundred bridges as well as traditional gondolas. Piazza San Marco at the city's heart, flanked by the basilica and the Doge's Palace, is an ideal introduction to Venice and a base for further exploration.

Land and Sea

Venice has looked to the sea for its prosperity for centuries, and the local cuisine is heavily influenced by seafood, with marinated eels, sardines, and cuttlefish risotto all being characteristic Venetian dishes. For the sweet-toothed, there are many traditional cakes and pastries featuring almonds from the nearby mainland, making delightful refreshments for visitors exploring the city.


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