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The Salt and Tuna of Trapani

Once an ancient agricultural centre called Drepanon by the Elymians, and subsequently an important Phoenician port, Trapani is now one of the best spots in Sicily to get a good general idea of the island's development. One of the major economy branches was tuna fishing, and there are still a number of old fishing plants to be seen in the nearby San Giuliano, Isola di Formica, Scopello, Favignana, Bonagia and other quaint fishing villages. Tuna steaks remain a gastronomic specialty of the area - so beautifully fresh and prepared like nowhere else.
Another historically important industrial activity for Trapani and the surrounding territory is salt production. The town's Museum of Salt has knowledgeable guides who provide a different perspective on the region's history.

A Wealth of Options for Exploration

The new international airport, as well as vicinity of the breath-taking beach San Vito Lo Capo and the stunning Egadi Islands make Trapani the best choice for the exploration of this unique area. A very popular option for an unforgettable day trip is a round-trip by cable car to the picturesque old hill town Erice and its castle, hidden in the Mount Erice.
Sicily's very first preserve Riserva Naturale Saline Di Trapani E Paceco is also within easy reach of Trapani and promises an interesting expedition if you want to hike and see windmills, a highly untypical sight for the Mediterranean. Trapani's Cantina Florio has to be put on the map for local wine tasting experience, with famous Marsala as the most prominent wine of the area.

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