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The attraction of Sicily's regional capital Palermo lies in diversity of the sights and activities it provides for its visitors and residents alike. It's also a good base for day excursions and thorough exploration of the entire island, thanks to local roads and sound public transportation options. The nearby scenic landscape of Gibellina Mountains proudly display Sicily's Wine Country and the epitome of regional viticulture.

Take in the Local Atmosphere

Wandering around the narrow streets and back-alleys of Palermo is the best way to learn about the numerous historical layers of the city's architecture. Medieval structures meet predominantly baroque buildings and palazzos, as well as the lively squares like Piazza Verdi Palermo and Piazza Castelnuovo, perfect for a quick espresso break.
The Cathedral and the Norman Palace, with the beautiful Palatine Chapel (very famous for the mosaics), must be visited.
The single most authentic local vibe can be felt at the popular outdoor markets with strong Arabic cultural influence. La Vucciria, Mercato di Capo and Ballaro are perfect for sampling local produce like cheese, herbs and mouthwatering daily fresh seafood.

Palermo's Paradise

The azure sea and pristine sand beaches make Palermo worth staying at, even during the hot summer months. Mondello Lido is scenically set in between Monte Gallo and Monte Pellegrino, only a short drive away from the city. Boating and other water activities are very popular in these crystal clear waters. Isola delle Femmine is a gorgeous white sand beach easily approached from the bustling central district.
Among the places of the province, one of the major tourism town is definitely Cefalu, known for his beaches and the characteristic medieval old town.

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