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Camping Nettuno

Agrigento (AG)

Camping Valle dei Templi

Agrigento (AG)

Villaggio Turistico Baia di Ulisse Beach Hotel

Agrigento (AG)

Camping Eraclea Minoa

Cattolica Eraclea (AG)

Villaggio la Roccia Camping

Lampedusa e Linosa (AG)

Camping Linosa Club

Lampedusa e Linosa (AG)

Case Vacanza Lampedusa

Lampedusa e Linosa (AG)

Camping La Palma

Menfi (AG)

Camping Marinella Village

Porto Empedocle (AG)

Makauda Beach Residence Village

Sciacca (AG)

3 Sirene Casa Vacanze

Sciacca (AG)

Hotel Residence Isabella Sport

Sciacca (AG)

Camping Canne

Siculiana (AG)

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Agrigento, a town on the southern coast of Sicily, lies on a sunny plateau overlooking the turquoise Mediterranean. Quiet sandy beaches with headlands covered in the evergreen shrub, maquis, and glittering dancing waves are a paradise for swimmers, walkers, scuba divers and sun worshippers. The town, noted for its outstanding archaeological remains, was colonized beginning in the 7th century BC by the Greeks and later by the Romans.

Valley of the Temples

Dating from the 6th century BC, this UNESCO World heritage site has seven temples, built in the Doric architectural style. Converted to a Christian church in 597 AD, the enormous Temple of Concordia is the best preserved. While the Temple of Juno still has 25 of its original 34 pillars intact. To get the most from your visit here, take a guided tour of the archaeological site, which is the world's largest.

Medieval Agrigento

The old town is a maze of fascinating cobbled streets and narrow alleys, fun to explore. In the early evening, relax at an outdoor café with a glass of local wine or an expresso and watch the passersby, before enjoying a traditional Sicilian meal of fresh seafood.


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