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Campeggio Valchiusella

Alice Superiore (TO)

Camping Avigliana Lacs

Avigliana (TO)

Camping Bokki

Bardonecchia (TO)

Camping Pian del Colle

Bardonecchia (TO)

Camping La Roccia

Bobbio Pellice (TO)

Pro Bussoleno

Bussoleno (TO)

Camping La Roccia

Cantoira (TO)

Camping Mill Park

Caselette (TO)

Camping Villa

Ceresole Reale (TO)

Camping Tizianella

Chianocco (TO)

Camping Claviere

Claviere (TO)

Camping Verna

Cumiana (TO)

Campeggio Serre Marie

Fenestrelle (TO)

Campeggio Mattodera

La Cassa (TO)

Campeggio Beaulard

Oulx (TO)

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Cosmopolitan and independent

Torino (Turin) – ancient seat of the House of Savoy – is capital of the Piedmont region and was also a former capital of the newly-fledged Italian state in 1861. It is often said this city of leafy boulevards conveys a certain Parisian elegance alongside the gracious Baroque splendour of its architectural highlights. Nevertheless, as the home of Fiat cars and headquarters of the renowned Juventus football team, Torino is also a modern city.

Torino's treasures

Torino's 15th-century cathedral houses the world-famous Turin Shroud, a mysterious medieval sacred relic. Elsewhere, tourists can explore the city's opulent palaces, visit outstanding collections of priceless Egyptian antiquities and view paintings by celebrated North-European masters. Italian café culture abounds, as do cultural events – for example, international Slow Food Movement's Salone del Gusto. Beyond the city, the stunning Venaria Reale palace and gardens are well worth a visit.

Torino leisure

There are plenty of active pursuits in and around the city. Boating is available on the River Po, and there are hiking trails in the nearby Piedmont hills. The 'Corona di Delizie' is a cycling loop in and around Torino, and Italy's premier cycle race – the Giro d'Italia – also comes through the area. The new Lingotto complex houses more sports and leisure facilities.


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