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Imperia is a northern Italian province located on the the coast of the Ligurian Sea, in a region known as the Riviera of Flowers. Due to the province's proximity with France, the local culture, architecture and cuisine has a markedly French influence. Local cuisine is often delicately flavoured with olive oil and Vessalico garlic, and a local specialty is aje’; an egg and olive oil sauce similar to French aioli.

Town of Imperia

The capital of Imperia is the coastal town of the same name, which contains a beautiful Old Town and several magnificent churches. You can visit the town of Borgo Marina for some of the region's best beaches, and Rocchetta Nervina, located near many lakes and hills, is the perfect place to start a hike.

What to Do in Imperia

Imperia is a paradise for lovers of the outdoors because the Ligurian Alps come right down to the sea. You can spend the morning swimming and sunbathing, and then hike along the Garden Trail in the afternoon, experiencing the nature and culture of Imperia first hand. Those who enjoy mountain biking will also find many excellent trails in the Alps.

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