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Brindisi is a city in the south of Italy, in the region of Puglia. It lies on the Adriatic Sea and has been a port since ancient times. Today, ferries link the city with Greece, Turkey and Albania.


Brindisi is famous for its promenade and waterfront, overlooking deep bays and a long, sandy beach. In the harbour is a monument to Italian sailors and the city has a cathedral, castle, museum and the remains of a Crusader’s church. Nearby lies Ostuni, a hillside ‘white city’ that is famous for its beautiful, whitewashed Mediterranean architecture.

Surrounding area

Most of the countryside surrounding Brindisi is agricultural land, and boasts beautiful rolling fields, olive groves and vineyards, interspersed with farmhouses and small villages. The protected coastal and marine reserve of Torre Guaceto lies a few miles from the city and is popular for hiking, bird watching, diving and snorkelling.

Food and drink

Brindisi produces high-quality, extra-virgin olive oils which have their own appellation, and excellent DOC wines. This coastal region is famous for its fish, particularly swordfish, grouper and oysters. Local farms produce their own cheeses and breads, such as focaccia, taralli and frise.

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