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Spain attracts many tourists every year from all over Europe and the whole world. The mild climate almost all year round is certainly one of the main reasons for the influx of tourists, but the numerous cities of art , the beautiful beaches and the mountains .
Among the best known and most popular beaches we remember those of Ibiza and Formentera, the Costa Blanca, Alicante, the Costa Brava and the Costa del Sol .
Spain boasts many traditions that particularly characterize it and the first that come to mind are flamenco , paella and sangria : a country that loves joy and the festive dimension of life.
Some of the must-see cities are Madrid , the elegant capital, Barcelona , with its famous palaces by the architect Gaudi, Toledo , world heritage of Unesco, Seville , cradle of the Spanish Moorish culture, Pamplona , with its famous running of the bulls, Granada , framed by the splendid Sierra Nevada and Bilbao , with the Guggenheim museum, just to name a few.


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