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Glamping: camping evolves from low cost to royal holiday


Who said that outdoor tourists only care about saving? Besides the stereotype of the low cost choice, camping holidays represent a definite style, i.e. considering holidays as an opportunity to enjoy open air and good company, but always respecting the environment and appraising the local peculiarities. Even kings know that, and we are still not dealing with Glamping...

Even Mette-Marit, heir princess of Norway and wife of prince Haakon, does not renounce to camping holidays with her children and the reason lies precisely in the camping mentality: barbecues, nights in tent and everything what is necessary to forget worries of everyday life. Outdoor tourism lives of passion, not of sacrifices and this is the reason why Glamping, or glamorous camping, has become more and more popular in the last few years.

Glamping let the tourist connect with nature with plenty of comfortable amenities, which in the past were only reserved to luxury hotels, but at affordable prices. The Glamping offer of the campsites that already entered in this mentality can vary from luxurious SPAs to dream-accommodations, which are often realized with eco-friendly materials. This kind of tourism is completely revolutionizing the stereotype of camping by transforming a normal tourist into a king!

Whether you are royal by birth or in the spirit, the moment has come to organize your 2015 holidays. There is not so much time left and the other European tourists do not stand there watching! According to Eurobarometer, a series of public opinion surveys on the lifestyle of European citizens conducted regularly on behalf of the European Commission, last minute tourists of summer 2015 will have to face the problem of “fully booked”.
Despite the crisis, tourism confirms itself to be one of the leading branches of European economy. Among 27.051 European citizens interviewed by Eurobarometer, 45% will go on holiday without twisting the budget, 32% will not renounce to holidays but will revise the expense limit, 8% still has to decide and 11% will stay at home.

Which will be the most requested destinations that run the risk of being sold out? According to data collected last year, the most requested destination is still Spain with 15% of European tourists, Italy occupies the second position with 11%, immediately followed by France with 10%. Since we are talking about France, we would like you to know that we have a new area in our website, especially dedicated to Corsica.

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