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Glamping Holidays and the 5 differences with camping


The Glamping holidays represent the style and comfort within the campsite experience. Union of “Glamour” and “Camping” words, Glamping or Glamorous Camping has already 15 years of history behind it, although success has only come in the last five years by transforming what was originally labeled as a transitory phenomenon, connected to the world of campsites and holiday villages, in a well established reality of international tourism.

Born probably in United Kingdom, inspired by African safaris and affirmed in North America, Glamping is today a holiday style practiced all over the world, even in Italy where the Glamping facilities are growing.

Following the increasing demand of Glamping by tourists, many industries have launched this particular market segment. A race that has partially redefined the same luxury camping concept: one the one hand there are Glamping structures on the other one campsites and holiday villages that are equipped with Glamping accommodation, often setting up real thematic areas. More generally, what are the differences between Glamping and Camping?

  1. Glamping is synonymous of luxury camping, forget about low-cost accommodation: whether it be tents (this is the true origin of Glamping), bungalows or original accommodations, materials, external and internal design are cured in every detail.
  2. Scenarios like a postcard that identify with the beauty of accommodation: the Glamping Structures, either by the sea or in the nature, are often located in contexts of rare beauty, as well as the dedicates areas of the campsites, chosen among the most fascinating of those available at the campsite.
  3. Contact with nature is a dogma: true Glamping exalts the holidays in the middle of nature by offering the right distance between accommodation, accessibility of the surrounding area and in many cases environmental services and ecological materials for the accommodations.
  4. Services tailored for the tourist: those who choose Glamping is pampered like and much more of the guests of a prestigious hotel, with services tailored to the specific needs of the tourists and not the “mass” typical of large campsites and tourist villages.
  5. The highest price is a quality guarantee: Glamping is usually more expensive than traditional camping which is due to the limited availability of  accommodation and the high quality of services available for tourists.

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