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Camping Village Residence al Parco del Delta

Ariano nel Polesine (RO)

Barricata Holiday Village

Porto Tolle (RO)

Camping Vittoria

Rosolina (RO)

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Rovigo is located in the south of Italy's Veneto region and is a relatively small town surrounded by rivers and canals. The town has some impressive architectural sights, including many churches as well as Renaissance buildings and mansions. Nearby is the gorgeous and tranquil Po Delta Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site that is home to endless green, woodland and wetlands, making it an ideal spot for fish and wild birds. The presence of over 370 different species of birds make Rovigo a great location for photographers and bird-watchers, as well as those interested in watersports, boating and kayaking.
Mountain biking and horse riding can also be enjoyed in the park, as suitable trails are available. The Rovigo cuisine is largely fish based, with freshwater fish and eel being particular favourites, along with game like geese and duck.


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