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The Italian province of Ogliastra is a gorgeous and sparsely populated rural region in Sardinia, famous for its natural beauty and the longevity of its inhabitants. The warm climate, great food and relaxed attitude of the locals make for a particularly healthful destination. Between visits to the many archeological sights of this region, one can tuck in to hearty Sardinian meals of ham or pork sausage, fresh cheese, bread and glasses of goat milk or red wine.

Towns of Ogliastra

The largest town in Ogliastria is Tortolì, which features the Palazzo Vescovile, a stunning baroque cathedral and a museum of contemporary art. The village of Seui is famous for its historic centre, which features many old buildings made of stone, and a short distance from the town you can find the Is Janas caves, which are rumoured to be haunted by fairies.

What to Do in Ogliastra

Visitors to Ogliastra can visit the Seleni Municipal Park, which is an area of astounding natural beauty, and can be explored by foot or on horseback. They can visit the coast for a dip in the sea, or can go spelunking in coastal caves such as the Grotta del Fico.

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