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Costa Smeralda

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Costa Smeralda

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Travel tips

Costa Smeralda

Sunbathing on the Beautiful Costa Smeralda

Costa Smeralda, the Emerald Coast, is one of the most popular destinations on Sardinia (Sardegna) Island. It is located on the North-East coast of Sardinia, and the nearest airport is Olbia. The beautiful beaches attract sunbathers from around the globe. Many airlines fly to Olbia from European cities, and there are ferry services from Genoa and Livorno on mainland Italy. The drive from Olbia to the beaches is very scenic.

Things to Do on Costa Smeralda

The main activities on Costa Smeralda are sunbathing and water sports. The beaches are stunning and the climate in Sardegna is a pleasant and sunny. The most scenic beaches include Piccolo Pevero, Romazzino, La Cinta and Liscia Ruia. Costa Smeralda attracts many international celebrities and you can spot luxury yachts around the harbour in Porto Cervo.

There are also many activities outside the beaches. The interior of Sardegna island is mountainous, and there are many hiking paths and cycling routes for those who like active holidays. Camping is possible on Costa Smeralda, too. Italy is famous for its cuisine, and food in Sardinia is generally delicious. Sardegna has its own food traditions but most restaurants on the tourist-oriented beaches serve Sardinian, Italian and international foods.

Costa Smeralda

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