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Costiera Amalfitana: the best Campsites and Holiday Parks for your next Holiday in the most popular touristic areas.

Some touristic information

Costiera Amalfitana is a region of magnificent natural diversity with a stunning contrast of dominant mountains set against the cobalt blue of the Mediterranean Sea. Together with a rich and colourful history that has left behind some of the most famous reminders of centuries past, Costiera Amalfitana has more than earned an honourable place on the World Heritage list.

Discovering the Past

The mountains of the region have been home to unique agricultural efforts, resulting in the majestic olive groves and orchards that boats the spectacular views of surrounding towns like the very popular tourist attraction of Sorrento. The town is built on volcanic rock, ensuring the romantic landscape of vineyards, orange and lemon groves and almond and walnut trees are an even more amazing spectacle. The view from a cliff-top public garden presents the magnificent panorama of the Gulf of Naples, while close by the remains of Pompei remind of just how devastating a volcanic eruption can be. The region is a historical treasure trove of centuries-old structures still standing and museums holding fascinating artefacts from various periods of history.

Enjoying the present

One of the most popular activities for tourists is hiking along The Path of the Gods that winds from Agerola to Positano. The route guarantees a constant sharp intake of breath as the magnificence of the Gulf of Salerno is presented from various angles. The magical waters seem to hypnotise visitors into renting a boat to indulge in some unique underwater experiences. Snorkelling and cave diving off Capri is amongst the favourite pastimes here. Visitors can also rent a motorboat to visit the archipelago of Li Galli, which Homer believed to be home to the sirens. Both in and out of its stunning waters Costiera Amalfitana promises to keep visitors enthralled, entertained and definitely returning.

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The swimming pool with waterslides

Villaggio Costa Alta

Piano di Sorrento (NA)
Via Madonna di Roselle 20/A

Camping Lido di Salerno

Pontecagnano Faiano (SA)
Via Lago Trasimeno

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