Camping Miravalle

Campitello di Fassa (TN), Trentino-Alto Adige

Camping Miravalle

Plunged in the quietness of our camping in Campitello in Val di Fassa, just a few minutes' walk from Canazei your will savour the pleasure of experiencing the mountains with your family in a completely new way.

You will love our amazing camping with its beautiful location near the main ski lifts, the heart of the village, the sports centres of this area, and - last but not least - a small but lovely playground for your children.

Framed by two streams, Camping Miravalle in Campitello is the ideal enchanting location for your holidays in Val di Fassa, where you will discover the magic of the surrounding nature, enjoying it in summer and in winter.

If you love outdoor sports, here you will find breathtaking challenges with the mountains: our marvellous landscape will make you want to discover a different peak, a new ski slope or a new trail to contemplate the silence of nature every morning.

You will be welcome with warmth and gentleness, and you will be able to plan your dream holiday: practising the most popular mountain sports, walking surrounded by a marvellous landscape, or simply relaxing. We always have the solution you were looking for!
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