Campeggio Kiefernhain

Prato allo Stelvio (BZ), Trentino-Alto Adige

Campeggio Kiefernhain

Whoever, on coming from the north, reaches the peak of the Reschenpass, is not given the impression that this is a mountain pass at all; on the contrary, the valley seems spacious and a large lake is spread out before it. A bell-tower rises from the water, all that is left of the old village of Graun with its sad history.

At the height of summer, sailors and surfers zip about here and you can go for a walk or a bike-ride along the shores. The turquoise water, the dense woods, the green meadows and pastures, the glaciers and the snow-covered peaks of the Ortler range all introduce you to the landscape so rich in contrasts that is Val Venosta.

At the bottom of the valley, on the hills of the moraines and in the dells among the slopes, pretty villages are situated and the fertile soil accommodates luxuriant orchards where the apples of Val Venosta grow, just waiting to be eaten!

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The Wunderers and Kuntners and their team.
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