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Camping Acqua Dolce

Levanto (SP), Liguria

Camping Acqua Dolce

Acqua Dolce camping lies close to Mesco promontory, the western limit of 5 Terre National Park, just 200 meters from the seaside. Since the beginning, in 1957, we took every decision respecting the environment, because we share the passion for the maxim “we do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”. The result is a Natural Park counting more than 175 species of trees and flowers. We are a bit jealous of our garden so please Respect it!

Acqua Dolce is enviornmentally friendly. Eco saving sanitaries (where we use only 100% natural soap), Igea Restaurant with thermal insulation and electricity from alternative energy. You'll feel surrounded by Nature but not lost in a jungle.

The Campsite offers wi-fi connection in all the area.
This year we renewed the restaurant and the entrance. Now it’s easier to come in for big campers too but if you are not so confident, please come and check it before.

We love nature and obviously we accept dogs (or cats, hourses, elephants, giraffas…). During our experience we had problems only with biped but we think that it happened to everyone once in his life.

Well, if you don’t need an “all-inclusive holyday”, if you like sea, hiking, surf, mtb, drink good wine and eat delicious food, if you like medieval villages and you’d enjoy an evening concert….What are you waiting for? See you soon!!!
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