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Reggio di Calabria

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Reggio di Calabria

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Camping Calypso

Caulonia (RC)

Villaggio Camping Al Boschetto

Condofuri (RC)

Camping Hotel La Zagara

Melito di Porto Salvo (RC)

Camping Stella Marina

Melito di Porto Salvo (RC)

Camping Punta Stilo

Monasterace (RC)

Camping Magna Grecia

Motta San Giovanni (RC)

Campeggio Quiete

Palmi (RC)

Camping San Fantino

Palmi (RC)

Camping Donna Canfora

Palmi (RC)

Country Club Primi Faggi

Santo Stefano in Aspromonte (RC)

Camping Caravan Sud

Siderno (RC)

Hotel Villaggio le Dune Blu

San Ferdinando (RC)

Travel tips

Reggio di Calabria

Reggio-Calabria is a beautiful southern Italian province caught between hills and mountains and the Tyrrhenian Sea. The landscape closer to the sea is characterised by olive orchards and vineyards, while the thick woods that cover the mountainous slopes are still home to wolves. The famous Bergamot orange is grown in this province, as are hot peppers and many varieties of mushrooms.

Towns of Reggio-Calabria

The capital of the province, also called Regio-Calabria, features the remains of an ancient castle dating to the sixth century AD, as well as an excellent archaeological museum and the largest cathedral in Calabria. The small villages of Scilla, Bova and Brancaleone Superiore also contain ruined castles, while Gioia Tauro is home to an archeological site and an ancient necropolis.

What to Do in Reggio-Calabria

There are a wealth of outdoor pursuits to pursue in Reggio-Calabria. There are beaches along the coast, and further inland, the National Park of Aspromonte features hiking trails and world-class birdwatching. The tourist resort of Gambarie offers excellent skiing, and the Costa Viola is a mecca for divers. Those who prefer to be pampered can visit the spas of Zomaro and Galatro, which feature natural hot springs.

Reggio di Calabria

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