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The start of summer and the charming atmosphere of autumn offer visitors interesting opportunities for discovering an area that is at its best in those times of the year.

In the period between April 29th and June 4th and between September 9th and October 2nd, Dei Fiori Camping Village offers special deals for an unforgettable and inexpensive holiday.

Our housing units are equipped with all the best comforts to enjoy a relaxing stay without giving up your habits! You can choose between the Bungalow, Chalet Sole, Maxi Mare or Maxi Mare Large. All accommodation options are provided with everything you need to experience the beauty of a nature holiday with all the comforts of a hotel.

Here are our special offers for stays of 7 days or longer during the specified time periods:

7 days for the price of 6
10 days for the price of 8
14 days for the price of 11

The City tax is not included.
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