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Outdoor-holiday? 5 advices for the choice of the campsite


At the eve of summer 2016, while the summer tourists start their struggle with the reservations for their holidays, here come the 5 advices for the choice of the campsite. These simple and practical advices, which will help you in experiencing the outdoor holiday at the best of its potential, come from This portal is the reference one in the network of KoobCamp and is thought specifically for the branch of campsites and holiday villages.

1. Find your camping-style: Bear Grylls or Benny Hill?

Camping, nowadays, does not mean "tent and sleeping bag only" anymore. If you prefer comfort and adventure does not fascinate you that much, the choice of an accommodation in chalet or mobile home will surely suit you. On the contrary, if extravagance is your priority, why do not you consider to try a tree house, a wooden tent or a barrel-shaped bungalow?!

2. Age does not matter, but you should contain your inner Peter Pan: friends or family?

There is a time for camping with friends, among jokes and some extra drink, and one for camping with family, among Mini Clubs and waterparks. There are many different kinds of campsite: starting from those offering just pitches at affordable prices to the ones, which also have inner restaurant, parks, pools and everything essential for wellness and amusement of adults and children.

3. Remember that we do not have in-between seasons anymore: do you really want be a polar bear in Africa?

In an era where "low-cost" and "coupon" rule, low-season offers represent a concrete temptation, but beware not to overdo it. Periodicity is the base of camping: the main character of summer will be the sea, spring will be the perfect moment to discover art cities and health spas and during winter the mountain with the chalets on the snow will be the preferred destination. There is no specific rule about which kind of destination has to be chosen for a certain season, but everyone should avoid the outstanding.

4. Prepare your baggage carefully: MacGyver or vacationer?

Remember that during your camp holiday you will not only need a good tent large enough to host all the people inside, but also some other accessories. For example, a good airbed to avoid backache, a multipurpose kit with knife and other utensils, flashlight, flask and a camp stove (if the campsite does not have a restaurant). If, on the contrary, you have chosen a full comfort campsite, you will just have to bring the essentials with you, because the remaining (like sun cream or food) will be for sale at the market inside the campsite.

5. Smile is a must: Chuck Noland of "Cast Away" or Jack Sparrow of "Pirates of the Caribbean"?

In order to enjoy camping life at its best, either in tent or in a mobile home, the essential equipment is your smile and the will to interact with other people. Outdoor holiday means socialization, cheerfulness and sharing, therefore you should leave Wilson (the ball of the film "Cast Away") at home and try to smile against adversity as the best Jack Sparrow would do!

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