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Camping holiday: 5 suggestions to enjoy it to the best


Summer is coming and broadcasts 5 useful advices for anyone planning a camping holiday. Some guidelines to experience outdoor holiday to the best, especially if it is the first time. Camping holidays continue to have steady numbers, despite the crisis. They are chosen for different reasons: save money, satisfy longing for adventure, the ease to meet people from all over the world.

There reason above all these is the feeling of freedom given by the outdoor holiday: few things to carry and little formality to escape from everyday life. Do things go really this way? Of course! You just need to follow those simple advices, which will prevent you from transforming your camping holiday into a nightmare. Here following the 5 golden rules by, leader portal of the KoobCamp tourist network, which you can carry with you at any time like a Swiss knife.

1. You are neither MacGyver nor Bear Grylls: a couple of intertwined branches, some leaves and a linchpin are not enough to build a comfortable shelter. Put DIY and survival instinct aside and just go in a specialized shop where you will find experts able to guide you in the purchase of your camping equipment.

2. Pocahontas and Sitting Bull belong to history: you are not obliged to choose the tent since nowadays the accommodations’ offer is extended to bungalow, mobile homes and chalets, which are more good-looking and comfortable. They offer many services, like kitchen and air-conditioner and the comfort grows more with Glamping.

3. “All for one, one for all”, like The Three Musketeers: a blind choice of the destination could lead to unpleasant surprises; it is better to lean on the acquaintances’ experiences, specialized websites, travelers’ communities and reviews. Portals like allow to discover in advance all the services offered by the camping and touristic villages and to look at the accommodations, thanks to detailed descriptions and pictures.

4. Do not rely on chance, to pass from Gladstone Gander to Donald Duck takes just a moment: Even if you choose a pitch for tent or camper, advance booking is a good choice to avoid the problem of “fully booked”. The online booking portals supplied by the KoobCamp network give you the possibility to plan your holiday in advance by choosing to contact the camping directly or using the online booking tool, without extra costs.

5. Camping is the most real among Social Networks: camping holiday is a synonym of socialization thanks to the presence of many public areas and to natural attitude of people. You can take advantage of the restaurant, swimming pool, group activities to meet people you can continue keeping in touch with, even after the holiday. If you really want to avoid someone, do it with mosquitoes and ants: a bit of lemongrass and talcum powder around the tent are the right solution for you.

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