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Argentario: the best Campsites and Holiday Parks for your next Holiday in the most popular touristic areas.

Some touristic information

Argentario is an area featuring some panoramic views, exciting cultural attractions, and some exquisite architecture that is sure to provide you with a diverse and fulfilling travel experience.


There are plenty of architecturally impressive attractions that will keep you entertained for hours in Argentario. Most visitors are quick to check out the beautiful Monastery of the Presentation and Punta Telegrafo as soon as they arrive, and when you see the stunning exterior of this monastery you are sure to understand why.


Argentario has a great selection of monuments to see. All of which offer visitors a chance to get a glimpse at the rich history of the area. Even if you have a busy itinerary planned, make sure you leave some time to enjoy the Rocca Spagnola in Porto Santo Stefano, as well as the church of St Erasmus.

Getting Out and About

The Argentario area is not all about cities, there are some beautiful natural attractions that are sure to delight. The best way to enjoy many of these natural attractions is to hire a car and go for a day of driving. Particularly recommended is the Via Panoramica, which is otherwise known as the Panoramic Road, and runs along the stunning coastline.

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