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Torino Camping

Guide of Campsites and Holiday Parks for your Holiday
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Torino: the best Campsites and Holiday Parks for your next Holiday in the most popular touristic areas.

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We have about 50 allotments available, suitable for Camper, tents and Motor-home and, for the most demanding, we also have some mobile-home available; these chalets like miniature houses, complete with all comforts and can accommodate up to 5 people each. This camping site is the first in all of Cumiana’s history!!! It is the best way to get to know better this ... More Info

Roulotte del Camping Verna, in Piemonte

Camping Mill Park

Caselette (TO)
Via Molino, 29

Camping Val Troncea

Pragelato (TO)
Loc. Pattemouche

Campeggio Chiara

Traversella (TO)
Case Salamocca, 7 - Loc. Chiara

Campeggio Serre Marie

Fenestrelle (TO)
SS. 23 Km 71, Loc. Sagne

Campeggio Mattodera

La Cassa (TO)
Loc. Mattodera

Camping Pino Blu

Villar Pellice (TO)
Viale I Maggio

Camping Bokki

Bardonecchia (TO)
Loc. Pian del Colle-Melezet

Camping Pian del Colle

Bardonecchia (TO)
Loc. Pian del Colle-Melezet

Camping Villa

Ceresole Reale (TO)
Borgata Villa,11

Camping Piccolo Paradiso

Ceresole Reale (TO)
Loc. Foiere

Camping La Roccia

Cantoira (TO)
Via Provinciale, 1

Campeggio Beaulard

Oulx (TO)
Via Chateau, 1, Loc. Beaulard

Camping Gran Bosco

Salbertrand (TO)
S.S.24 Monginevro Km.75

Campeggio Mombarone

Settimo Vittone (TO)
Via Nazionale, 54 Lc. Torredaniele

Camping La Roccia

Bobbio Pellice (TO)
Via Fonte della Salute, 32 - Loc. La Roccia

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