Camping Marina di Venezia

Camping Marina di Venezia
Via Montello 6, Localitŗ Punta Sabbioni - Cavallino Treporti (VE) - 30013
Summer telephone number:
Winter telephone number:
+39 041 5302511
+39 041/5302511
+39 041/966036
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Locality: Beach Campsite size: 700000 mq Pets Welcome: YES
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Camping Marina di Venezia was founded in the 60s by two close friends, who shared the same business interests.
Our present management maintains a strong bond with the Founders' vision. Starting from these values we keep on devloping new ideas and creativity and promoting innovations.

Nowadays as in the past what is most dear to us is giving you memorable moments, unique sensations which will always remain with you. We are happy to creat an unforgettable holiday, always accompanying you with our smiles and professional manner.

Wide and spacious, with a soft grass carpet and the shade of many maritime pines typical of the littoral of Cavallino Treporti, our emplacements are all prov